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Beau Pluto’s EP PROGRESSION, the follow-up to his debut album LIBERATION, is out now!

The EP, which includes the Fantasia in D minor by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Eintritt and Abschied from the Forest Scenes by Robert Schumann, is the continuation of Pluto’s first album and stands for change, which should not be feared but embraced as an opportunity for regeneration and advancement. Progression is a musical embrace that is intended to uplift and support and direct the mind’s gaze beyond the ephemeral: the substantial role probability plays in our lives is acknowledged, but at the same time Progression serves as an encouraging reminder of our power to define the direction we are moving in.

This record is dedicated to all the real-life heroes of our world. Available now on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify!

 19 – 21

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Chapter One

Beau Pluto‘s first single is out now! FANTAISIE IMPROMPTU was composed by Frédéric Chopin at the age of 24. The music video is an exploration of the blossoming of romantic and sexual feelings during adolescence.

Stream the track here.


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